Litter arrived Tuesday 6th September 2011



Throdice Current C




Ch Lykatyga Wyld Streak

Watch this space for updates, orders taken.

Puppies have arrived 6th September 2011

We have 10 new born babies 6 girls and 4 boys (black/liver spot)

The puppies are now 8 weeks old

PINK-1st born Black Spot Girl-NAVY-2nd born Black Spot Boy-MAUVE-3rd born Liver Spot Boy

LIME-4th born Liver Spot Girl-MUSK-5th born Black Spot Girl-SKY-6th born Liver Spot Boy

RED-7th born Liver Spot Girl-BUTTERSCOTCH-8th born Black Spot Girl-BLACK-9th born Black Spot Boy


MAROON-10th born Black Spot Girl


Sky kicking back on the peoples chair, Lime trying to play with the grand parents, Butterscotch tunnel time

The next generation at Lykatyga


Miss Chilli--Mr Rokki

Miss Lokki wanting to jump with Charlotte

Pink has a new home and is now called "Carly", Musk has a new home and is now called "Roxy", Lime is also in her new home her name is now "Pyro"

Navy has gone to his new home his name is "Tully"

Mr Black aka Hayate(black spot boy)

Mr Mauve(liver spot)

2 Lovely boys off to their new forever homes on Sunday 4th December

For interest in this litter please send an email to